superordinate classification of the family Pipidae

The superordinate classification of the family Pipidae
following the system of ORTON 1957

Trunk (phyllum): Chordata – (Chorda animals)
-Subtrunk (subphyllum): Vertebrata – (Vertebrates)
–Class (classis): Amphibia LINNAEUS, 1758 – (Amphibians)
—Subclass (subclassis): Lissamphibia HAECKEL, 1866
—-Upperorder (superordo): Salientia LAURENTI, 1768
—–Order (ordo): Anura RAFINESQUE, 1815 – (Frogs, Anurans)
——Suborder (subordo): Archaeobatrachia – (Primitive Frogs) ??? unclear
——-Upperfamily (superfamilia): Pipoidea – (Pipoid Frogs)
——–Family (familia): Pipidae GRAY, 1825 – (Tongueless Frogs, Pipids)
———Subfamily (subfamilia):
———-Genus (genus):
———–Species (species):
————Subspecies (subspecies):

The suborder Archaeobatrachia has although the member Nose Toads Rhinodermatidae.

In the system of NOBLE 1922 the Tongueless Frogs together with the family of Discoglossidae are the suborder of Opisthocoela.

Unindependent of this systematic order frogs are separated in Tongueless Frogs Aglossa and Tongue Frogs Phaneroglossa.

Although Frogs are devided by the positions of the amplexus in Primitive Frogs and Modern Frogs. I’m not sure but these Primitive Frogs could the same as Archaeobatrachia.

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