species in literature

author: Martin Truckenbrodt

The family Pipidae (Tongueless frogs) is a member of the anurans and is next related to the Nose Toads (Rhinophrynidae). Here you can find the superordinate classification of the family Pipidae.

Family Pipidae GRAY, 1825 Tongueless Frogs   Africa, South America two subfamilys
– Subfamily Pipinae GRAY, 1825 Pipa similaries   Africa, South America three generas
– – Genera Hymenochirus BOULENGER, 1896 African Dwarf Clawed Frogs   Africa three (four) species
– – Genera Pseudhymenochirus CHABANAUD, 1920 Merlin’s Clawed Frogs   Africa one species
– – Genera Pipa LAURENTI, 1768 Surinam Toads   South America seven species
– Subfamily Xenopodinae FITZINGER, 1843 Clawed Frogs   Africa two generas
– – Genera Xenopus WAGLER, 1827 African Clawed Frogs   Africa seventeen species
– – Genera Silurana GRAY, 1864 Tropical Clawed Frogs   Africa four species