author: Martin Truckenbrodt

African Dwarf Clawed Frogs – Hymenochirus

Hymenochirus boettgeri (TORNIER 1896), Zaire African Dwarf Clawed Frog

Hymenochirus boulengeri DE WITTE 1930, Eastern African Dwarf Clawed Frog

Hymenochirus curtipes NOBLE 1924, Western African Dwarf Clawed Frog

For the genus Hymenochirus three species with three subspecies are known. PERRET & MERTENS 1958 make Hymenochirus feae another subspecies of H. boettgeri. DE WITTE 1930 describes H. boulengeri with the length of the hind legs between H. boettgeri and H. curtipes.
There are no detailed descriptions of H. boettgeri feae and H. boulengeri. Neither are there colour photos in any description and for H. boulengeri there is no picture available at all. To avoid misunderstanding I am only using the information from the first descriptions and from DE WITTE 1930. In subsequent literature wrong determinations for species are often done and used.

Here you can found a distribution map for the genera Hymenochirus and Pseudhymenochirus.