author: Martin Truckenbrodt

treefrogs and other frogs

Here I want to show some pictures of treeforgs and other which I kept between 2001 and 2016.

tree frogs

Afrixalus cf. fulvovittatus Riverzoofram 2004

Hyperolius nitudulus Tropic Fauna

Hyperolius occidentalis Guinea-Bissau 2005

Leptopelis cinnamomeus Juni 2007

Leptopelis viridis Guinea-Bissau 2004

other frogs

Bufo regularis Juni 2007

Hildebrantia ornata Tropic Fauna

Phrynomantis bifasciatus Bindlach und Tropic Fauna

Ptychadena mascareniensis Tropic Fauna


Although you .can find here frog photos of other photographs.

Photos of Dr. Guy Kremer

several frogs from guinea Guinea