Breeding Stimuli of Toungueless Frogs

African Dwarf Clawed Frogs can lay eggs at any time of the year because they live in the tropics of the western Central Africa, where climatic conditions are fairly constant. It seems that heavy rain and temperature fluctations stimulate breeding behaviour. This can be mimicked by frequent water changes, which often induces breeding behaviour.
In captivity, changing food and lighting conditions can also stimulate them.

periods with lower temperatures are recommended. Sometimes water changes with cool water or ice cubes can be helpful. Feeding them on earthworms can also stimulate them.

Kriton Kunz told me that his African Clawed Frogs have been stimulated with algae water, which is a good tadpole food too.

The Dwarf Suriname Toad Pipa parva breeds in community tanks. It seems that diet is the main stimulus.