Pseudhymenochirus or Hymenochirus?

author: Martin Truckenbrodt

Distinguishing Pseudhymenochirus from Hymenochirus

Pseudhymenochirus merlini
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The static lower eyelid:

This mark gave Pseudhymenochirus its own genus. But as KRITON KUNZ observed it is only visible on dead and conserved frogs.

The presence of the lateral-line organ:

In past this has been the second mark for separating African Dwarf Clawed Frogs into two genera. But in 1925 ESCHER shows that Hymenochirus has lateral-line organs too. Unfortunately a lot of later authors havent’t known this article. Only it’s easier to see the lines on Pyseudhymenochirus as a line of light elongated protuding spots.

The colouring of the belly:

In my opinion the spots on the belly of Pseudhymnechirus are more cear. If you take a near view they are looking like containing of several pixels. The background colour of the belly is quite light. If you are keeping the frogs not very light the spots are shining darker too.

The shape of the mouth fissure:

The mouth fissure of Pseudhymenochirus looks like 1.5 sinus waves. On Hymenochirus it looks like 0.5 sinus waves.

Hymenochrius Männchen / male
The transition from back colouring to belly colouring:

In my opinion the transistion seems to be more clear on Pseudhymenochirus.